Prof. Ewa Niebudek-Bogusz MD PhD

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Prof. Ewa Niebudek-Bogusz MD PhD

       Medical consultancy in otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose, throat diseases) and phoniatrics (voice, speech and hearing disorders), both for children and adults. Diagnostics and treatment of voice and speech disorders, hearing loss and vertigo. Treatment of voice hoarseness (post-surgical and work-related e.g. in teachers, lecturers, actors, singers, priests, lawyers, speakers, radio and TV presenters, etc.); phoniatric assessment of voice quality for professional purposes; rehabilitation of post-surgery.

        A graduate of the Medical University of Lodz (1981); specialist in otolaryngology and phoniatrics; long-termed  Research Associate Assistant, at the Otolaryngology Dept., Medical University of Lodz; currently Professor at the Clinic of Audiology and Phoniatrics, Institute of Occupational Medicine; holder of PhD in otolaryngology at the Semmelweis Medical University of Budapest; member of the Polish Association of Otolaryngology and its Phoniatric Section, senior lecturer at the University of Lodz and Lodz Academy of Music.